Frequently asked questions

What is Jorgen's List?
A list of the best storyboard artists in the world.

What makes Jorgen's List different?
You can see the artists availability and rest assured each artist is recommended by at least five Art Directors that work with them on a regular basis.

How do I know if an artist is available or not?
You can see the status next to each artists name.

Green = Very likely to be available.
Blue = Likely to be available.
Red = Unlikely to be available.

How do I know which artist is most likely to be available?
In addition to the colour coding, the list arranges itself left to right. The artist that changed his status last is far to the left.

The artists status said "Very likely to be available", but he was swamped!
The status is just a guideline. In this industry a job can appear out of nowhere.

Is it free?
Jorgen's List is free to use for both visitors and artists. I'm not an agent or a rep! If you wish to support the site (and your favorite artist, you can do so here though.

I have an artist you should add to the list!
Send us an email with your recommendation. We're always looking for new talent.

Who is Jorgen anyhow?
I'm an Art Director living in Toronto, Canada.

What other sites list concept renderers and illustrators in Canada?
Yes there is. Check out and

Did you make this site yourself?
No. I did the design and I'm in charge of putting together the list, but it'd be impossible for me to do the coding. I've partnered with Moe Jame to make that happen.

Do you accept donations? Your site have saved me lots of money and put me in touch with great talent!
If you wish to help us run the list, you can support an artist with premium features.


How do I join?
Send us your work through the register option. We'll be in touch! We recommend including names of Art Directors that you've worked with that will recommend you. The more, the better.

I'm straight out of school and have no experience, but I want to be a storyboard artist!
Get in touch and we'll try to help you. Our list features veterans of thirty years and young talent of just a few years. Nurturing talent is one of our goals.

How do I log in?
Currently only artists can log in. As an artist you've been sent a login and a password by email. If you've lost your info; just contact us

I'm too busy to change my status; do I have to?
Not at all. The status is just a guideline. But having an accurate status will help meet new clients.

I want to change my sample images.
Log into your account and you can change them from there.

I'm not sure what sample images I should upload.
Read this article on what images might have the most impact.

I lost my password!
Contact us!

My example image was changed! Someone cropped it!
Only upload images that are 700x425pixels, 72 dpi. Read this article for more. But if you don't have the time; don't worry! I'll do it for you when i have the time. Keeping all the images the same ratio and size helps with the presentation of the site and your artwork.

How do I get more galleries?
We offer additional galleries, contact info and even client testimonials to those that support us. To donate towards the continued operation of the list; just go to our Support Page and pick yourself from the list of artists when you donate.

I understand the list is free, but do you accept donations?
Yes we do! Couldn't run the list without them. You can support the list here.

I have a question/comment!
Great! Get in touch